# Power

The Hashtag is a very powerful tool for your content to reach beyond your Instagram followers.

But you have to use it correctly! And you don’t have to be targeting the most popular hashtags to get as many likes and follows as possible. If you want targeted, high quality conversations then it’s much better to target hashtags that are relevant to your industry/niche. Think “what would I be searching for?” when posting your photos/video.

Posting just highly popular hashtags doesn’t always work out well anyway, your post will be seen for a matter of seconds as thousands of people will be posting images via the most popular hashtags so it won’t be long before your content gets buried and as a result you’re no better off than you were before.

Check out http://tagsforlikes.com/ to help you find the hashtags most relevant for your industry/niche. Or you can use the search tool on Instagram, simply start typing, e.g. #smallbusinessperth, and more hashtags will appear that you can add to your posts.

ShortStack.com state that “interactions are highest on instagram post with 11+ hashtags”. Instagram will let you add up to 30 hashtags on each post so try and add all 30.

Happy #ing!

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