Why small and home based businesses can’t afford NOT to be on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in 2016. With over 5 million active Australian monthly users posting 10 million pieces of content every day, Instagram presents a huge marketing opportunity especially for small and home based businesses.

Here are just some reasons marketing on Instagram is beneficial:

  1. Instagram content is visual
    • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text
    • 40% of consumers respond better to visual information than plain text
    • 90%of information transmitted to the brain is visual
    • 93% of all human communication is nonverbal
    • Your consumers will respond better to visuals because people remember 80% of what they read, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they heard            (Source: www.buzzoid.com)
  2. Instagram’s user base and engagement is massive, which means you can gain a huge following & fan-base on your account
    • This will mean more traffic to your website
    • Which could mean more sales and conversions for you
    • It could also mean free sign ups or subscribers
    • Big retail brands are flocking to Instagram – follow the masses
    • 90% of Branded Companies now have an Instagram Account
    • 10 Most popular retailers on Instagram by follower count are Nike, Adidas, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Christian Louboutin , D&G, Gucci (Source: www.buzzoid.com)
  3. Instagram Australian User Profile
    • 70% of users are between 18 and 34 years of age
    • 60% of all uses are female
    • 70% of users are active everyday                                                                              (Source: Techly.com.au)
  4. Advertising on Instagram is easy, cheap and highly targeted.
    • Visuals capture and sustain our attention
    • Utilises Facebooks audience targeting options
    • Connect with customers across multiple channels, Instagram, Facebook, Website

As you can see using Instagram as a marketing tool can be very beneficial, if fact can you afford not to be on Instagram?

I hope you have found this article useful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t forget to leave them in form below and I’ll reply.

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