Company of One

In small and home based business you are often the one and only employee and therefore have lots of roles.

My main role this week was the IT Director, spending countless hours trying to sort out Social Elucidations email issues due to an error made by the IT Director (turns out I’m a better Marketer than IT Director).

And while I still had a few client consults I realised this week I have only been working in my business, not on my business.

Running a small business, plus ensuring my family are feed, washed, clothed, made it to work/school/daycare/after school activities, plus working for my employer part-time – I have to be super organised. This week I discovered that this strategy has some flaws and doesn’t allow for anything to go wrong. Cause if it does nearly everything suffers.

One of the biggest challenges for any small business owner is accepting that you are not the only competent person in your team.

A common mistake that small business owners make is that they think they can do most things better than anyone else. It may be true for some things, but you can’t be proficient at everything. The truth is that whenever you spend time doing things that other people could be doing, you are losing the opportunity to spend valuable time improving and growing the business.

You cannot be expected to excel at everything in business. If you hire the right people, you will find yourself surrounded a team who excel at doing things and tackling tasks that are either too mundane for you to waste time on or out of your scope of excellence.

Yesterday I outsourced my IT, my email issues got resolved and here I am working in my business again.

Denika x

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